4 ways to boast your sex life

Sex is greater, and what is even greater is mind-blowing sex. Depending on the chemistry that you’ve got with your partner, great sex might happen once in a while but there could be a list of things that might help you have the best sex.

The authorities on sex spoke with Redbook magazine about how people can have the best sex of their lives like all the time.

1. Figure out a pattern of the sex life you want
Sex involves you and your partner, not just you. So, its great you also have them in your plans. Figure out what you want our sex life you want for the both of you. A change of scenery has proven to be very good for sex, it has a way of making better.
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2. Plan it
This might be look like, is there really a need to plan sex with your partner but if you guys have kids or a very busy work schedule. If you don’t plan it, it may as well never happen.
3. Foreplay isn’t only before sex
According to sex therapist Vanessa Marin, “Have foreplay throughout the day! Foreplay shouldn’t be limited to three minutes before you start having intercourse. Keep the fires burning and the anticipating levels high by seducing each other all day long.” Feel free to tease each other all day with suggestive conversations.

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4. Your partner’s mood matters.
There have probably been times when we all read into your significant other’s mood and think they’re mad at us about something. According to Jane Greer, Ph.D., that’s the last thing you want to have happen. “Stay in touch with your own desire and continue to put it out there. Leave them the space to have separate moods and energy.”
These are few tips that can help you, there is always work to be done to finetune it, the aim is to keep at it, and get better at it.

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