Student Celebrates Her Graduation With Alligator After Developing Special Bond With It (Photos)

A university student took her graduation photographs to a whole new level by posing alongside a 13-foot alligator.

Makenzie Noland’s daring snaps have left the world stunned after the Texas A&M graduate took an unorthodox route for her commemorative photos.

The 21-year-old graduate earned her degree in wildlife and fisheries science, and has been working as an intern at the Gator County rescue centre in Beaumont, Texas since finishing classes in May.

She posted the photographs on her Facebook page with the caption “Not your typical graduation picture”.

One of the photos shows Noland balancing her graduation ring on the nose of the alligator, named Big Tex, while wearing her Texas A&M sash and cap.

Noland developed a special bond with the animal after working closely with him since her first day at the animal centre

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